Our Compass

Our Operating Principles

We strive to operate with grace, integrity and with future forward solutions for all goals or challenges. Not all clients are a good fit and when we are a good fit – things are amazing! Set up a meeting and let’s see if we click and if Alpha E Consulting can help you reach your goals.

Vision Statement

Creating a world where business owners are empowered and lead with love.

Mission Statement

Alpha E Consulting empowers and enables individuals, organizations and corporations to develop strong, clear and focused brand, marketing, communications and programming solutions that set a powerful trajectory for their future and goals.

Our Charter

The purpose my life is for is to have people live lives where their dreams are fulfilled, alive and real.  To live in a world where people own their freedom in voice, movement, spirit and commitment.  To create and empower a world where people are profoundly moved by their power – heroes in their everyday lives — alive, passionate, vibrant and free.

I promise to conduct myself from the following values:

  • Love — accepting people exactly how they are and exactly how they aren’t, granting people the space to celebrate their magnificence and grace no matter what type of space they are in. Standing for the greatness of each and every person on the planet.
  • Integrity — the art and act of being true to one’s self, honoring each word as an expression of who one is, nothing hidden, everything expressed.Fully authentic and free with one’s thoughts and feelings.
  • Generosity — giving all of one’s self, providing 100% heart and soul to all of life. The act of being completely and fully committed and engaged in the lives of the people that we interact with.
  • Magnificence — the possibility of being unstoppable, beautiful and charismatic the possibility of being ‘all that’.
  • Partnership — the art of persistence, power and full self-expression.Creating inspiring conversations to move transformation and dreams forward.  Creating team, unity and community as the foundation that runs throughout the fabric of society.

I promise to stand for the greatness and dreams of everyone on the planet, to listen to people with boundless compassion and to empower leaders of every age.  To inspire: breathe life into each and every person that I encounter.  To have a world that works for everyone, with no one and nothing left out.

This is who I am.  This is what you can count on me for.